In today’s fashion world, no dressing is considered complete if it is devoid of accessories to complement same.

These accessories could be in the form of necklaces, bracelets, anklets, ear rings etc. If making a decision on the choice of a dress that suits a particular event is considered tasking, then more tasking is the choice of the right accessories. This is so given the fact that irrespective of how beautiful, trendy or stylish a dress may be, the wrong choice of accessories will impair the quality or appearance while the right selection will further accentuate the beauty of the dress and will no doubt speak volumes about the fashion sense of the wearer.

It is a widely acknowledged fact that women being more conscious of their looks spend a great deal of time while dressing up. What may not be obvious is the fact that more than half of the entire time spent was on choosing the right accessories which is often a difficult task.

The aforesaid is a testament to the fact that more attention is paid to accessories these days unlike in the time past.

Levelup Africa UK is conscious of this fact and in line with current trends, has produced bespoke pieces of jewelry consisting of necklaces and bracelets that will make the fashionista the cynosure of all eyes at every event.

Our jewelry is unique as they are all handcrafted by persons no less than skilled artisans in Africa through an ancient tradition that has transcended several family generations. This uniqueness ensures that they can’t be sourced elsewhere as the style/ signature has become synonymous to Levelup Africa UK.

As advocates of using nature’s gift to the benefit of mankind, all Levelup Africa UK items of jewelry are natural consisting of predominantly shell, cowries, leather, stones and wood. The simplicity of our accessories is such that difficult choices while dressing up are eliminated. Simply put, almost all our accessories can complement any dress irrespective of color, design and style.

Our popular brands include Levelup Africa Handcrafted Shell bracelet, Levelup Africa tree bark necklace, Levelup Africa agate necklaces, Levelup Africa Long shell necklaces and the Levelup Africa Cowrie drawstring bracelet.

Don’t be left out. We welcome you on board the ongoing fashion train as you visit Levelup Africa UK website (Jewelry category) to make a choice.


Stretch mark treatment using Shea butter

more than it can tolerate thus losing the shape and elasticity it is designed to maintain. In other words, stretch marks happen when the body grows faster than the skin can keep up with.

The common areas of appearance include the breasts, thighs, buttocks, upper arms and the belly especially in pregnant women.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, about 90% of women will get it sometime after their sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. This revealing fact has contributed in no small measure to the burden associated with pregnancy especially amongst expecting mothers who are desirous of getting back to shape quickly.

While some stretch marks naturally fade away, others don’t. Based on several years of experience handling cases of stretch marks using Levelup Africa UK skin products, the best time to treat the marks is while they’re still at the early or reddish stage.

In a bid to rid the body/reduce the appearance of stretch marks, many people have resorted to all manner of treatments which include the use of gels made with a mix of onion extract and hyaluronic acid, retinoid as prescribed by a dermatologist and laser treatments etc.

The use of retinoid speeds up cell turnover, can stimulate new collagen growth, leading to healthier skin while laser treatments heats the skin, boosts collagen growth and shrinks dilated blood vessels.

These treatment options no doubt come with some restrictions and of course consequences. Retinoid for example cannot be used while pregnant or breastfeeding while lasers apart from being expensive result to bruises, blisters and skin discoloration that can last several months after treatment. In addition these options require several sessions to achieve reasonably visible results and none in some cases.

While some people are keen on reduction/treatment of their stretch marks, others are simply fed up and have decided to embrace it as part of their new body.

At Levelup Africa UK, the latter is not an option when there is a cheap, effective treatment with shea butter with no side effects whatsoever. Shea butter is made mostly of Oleic fatty acids and plant-based stearic, thus making it one of the safest substances that can be applied on the skin.

Levelup Africa UK is at the forefront of producing natural, organic skin care products top of the range which is our Levelup Africa UK Grade A Organic Shea butter.

Shea butter has a healing fraction of 5-17% more than the average oils such as coconut and olive. It has a high level of antioxidants that repair skin damage and allantoin that protects the skin from drying and aging.

Using Levelup Africa UK shea butter is the most effective way to get rid of your stretch marks. It will also strengthen and regenerate the skin by enhancing collagen production.

To get rid of stretch marks and regain your self-confidence, apply the following steps:

  • Take some shea butter and rub in the palm until it melts and becomes smooth.
  • Apply the shea butter generously on the affected areas.
  • Massage the shea butter into the skin with circular and firm upward motion as this will help improve circulation in and around the stretch mark.
  • More shea can be applied as needed and massage for at least 10-15 minutes daily until stretch marks disappear.


Regain that lost confidence by using Levelup Africa UK shea butter for your skin problems.



Handcrafted Pens

Who says the pen is simply a writing tool? This assertion albeit right is not so in its entirety. For men of class and power, it means much more thus the level of significance they attach to this tool. A good pen in the hands of a Judge in the court room is akin to a sword in the hands of a warrior in the battle field for with his pen, he can make or mar. Pens have therefore overtime become synonymous with various categories of officials/professions.


The effectiveness of one lies in its ability to deliver whenever the need arises. This inexcusable need for delivery has brought about the compelling need to invent/produce pens that transcend the basic engineering concepts in line with the maxim that necessity is the mother of invention.

Towards eliminating errors which are sometimes encountered in the course of mass production, the handcrafting process of pens has become a popular trend in recent years. This ensures perfection due to attention to details and also guarantees the end-user usually people of class the sense of pride and confidence that their product(s) were made by the best of skilled artisans.

Drawing an analogy, the panache being exuded while using this pen, is nothing short of being chauffeured in a vintage, limited edition Rolls Royce or the Grand Mercedes 600.

The uniqueness of such pens makes one stand out, defining his personae. Popular brands that readily come to mind include but not limited to the Mont Blanc.

Needless to say they cost a fortune and can create a hole in one’s pocket. Who says nothing good comes easy? With our handcrafted pens produced by skilled artisans in Africa they do. These pens are intricately designed after your favorite animals such as Elephants, Lions, Giraffes, and Rhinoceros etc. thus ensuring there’s a unique pen for everyone.


The pens are designed with this in mind thus they are either refillable or replaceable (Ink chamber).


Our pens don’t cost a fortune thus with only £10 it becomes yours.

Managing Psoriasis with Shea butter

Sixty percent of British people suffer or have suffered from a skin disease in their lifetime according to a new survey by the British Skin Foundation. These range from fatal to non-fatal conditions such as malignant melanoma, eczema, acne or psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a long-lasting auto immune disease which is characterized by patches of abnormal skin. These skin patches are typically red, itchy, and scaly. They may vary in severity from small and localized to complete body coverage. A significant number of people approximately 1.8 million suffer from this skin condition costing an average of £ 10,000 yearly per individual treatment through a recent medication.

Organizations such as The Psoriasis Association UK aims to raise awareness of psoriasis by providing information, advice and support to those affected by psoriasis; and to promote and fund research into psoriasis.

The psychological effects of this skin condition seem to outweigh the chronic discomfort thus may make treatments less effective. A 2009 National Psoriasis Foundation survey found that 63% of respondents said their condition affected their emotional well-being. Obviously, psoriasis is much more than just a skin condition.

My advice to those with this skin condition is to be self-confident and keep their heads high as psoriasis has nothing to do with poor hygiene and is equally not contagious.

Why spend your precious time in and out of hospitals when the best things in life are free? With Grade A, unrefined Shea butter, psoriasis can be effectively managed.

Shea Butter for Psoriasis

Raw shea butter consists of non saponifiable property, and oils with this property have more healing fractions when compared to other oils. With abundance of healing ingredients and absence of preservatives and chemicals, shea butter can relieve itchiness and other symptoms associated with this chronic skin condition by moisturizing/hydrating your dry skin and locks moisture.

The shea butter can be mixed with some base oil and essential oil and applied over prewashed skin.

Shea Butter Recipe for Psoriasis

  • Raw Shea butter – 2 ounce
  • Any base oil (Wheat Germ oil) – 1 tbsp
  • Any essential oil (Sandalwood oil) – 15 drops
  • Lavender oil – 15 drops
  • Procedure
  • Mash or melt the shea
  • Remove from steam and pour Wheat Germ oil and other ingredients mentioned above.
  • Mix it well and store in cool place.
  • Get rid of that psoriasis with shea butter, regain your self-confidence and hit the beach in that favorite Bikini of yours.

Hibiscus tea recipe


  • 1 ginger
  • 1/2 kg leaves (hibiscus sabdariffa)
  • 1 tsp. brown sugar
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 pineapple


  1. Wash and peel the pineapple, cut into tiny bits and add in a clean pot.
  2. Peel the ginger, cut into tiny pieces and add into same pot with pineapple.
  3. Wash the zobo leaves thoroughly with clean water and add into same pot as well.
  4. Add water then place on a medium heat to cook until the pineapples are tenderized as well as the zobo leaves softened.
  5. Bring down from heat and allow to cool down.
  6. Add sugar into the drink, stir properly then refrigerate for few minutes before serving.


Hibiscus sabdariffa also known as roselle, red sorrel, Jamaican sorrel, sour-sour and Florida cranberry. Native to West Africa Hibiscus is loved deeply across the African continent. In Egypt and Sudan, a glass of hibiscus juice is traditional at weddings. Throughout the continent, hibiscus juice or hibiscus tea is served to honored guests and at special occasions.

The red flowers are used exclusively in hibiscus juice and hibiscus tea. They are dried whole in dark red contortions on the hand and easy to crumble. Plunged into boiling water, they instantly bleed in long trails, coloring whatever they touch — and it will stain. Dried white flowers, by contrast, make a delicate cocktail syrup or add an intriguing sour roundness when infused in hot milk for a white sauce, delicious with roast fish. Tea made from the white flowers is also preferred in parts of western Sudan.

In West Africa, cold bissap juice is sold on beaches iced and frozen into thin clear plastic bags. In Egypt, it is poured ceremoniously from copper vessels in the street.

Our traditional medicine teaches that hibiscus tea, especially when drunk hot, holds healing properties for the blood and the liver. Science has backed this up with published studies that show hibiscus has more antioxidants than BHA and beta-carotene. A USDA study showed that hibiscus tea’s anthocyanins have medicinal properties similar to prescription blood pressure medication.

Hibiscus is also a diuretic, so if you think cranberry juice or watermelon juice is good for curing cystitis and Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), try hibiscus tea. It’s better, and at least in our part of the world, way easier to find.

1. Thirst
Hibiscus tea can be drunk hot or cold. As iced tea, the infusion is known to satiate thirst quite effectively. It is often recommended as an alternative to artificially made commercial “sport drinks” that are marketed to physically active individuals. Hibiscus tea’s ability to cool the body is well documented by cultures that include it in their diet or medicinal practices. This benefit is probably associated with the diuretic properties of hibiscus, a property that helps in the excretion of excess fluids from the body.

2. High Blood Pressure
The antihypertensive properties of hibiscus tea were noted by a study in which 70 people were involved; half of them drank hibiscus tea once daily and the other half took 25 mg of antihypertensive medicine twice daily. After a month, 79 percent of the tea drinkers experienced a ten point reduction in blood pressure, 84 percent of the ones that took pharmaceutical medicine also experienced the same reduction in blood pressure. Hibiscus is an antioxidant. It has properties that prevents the oxidation of low-density lipoproteins; a substance in our blood that if increased beyond normal quantities may cause high blood pressure.

3. Weight Loss
Some tea drinkers use hibiscus tea to aid in weight loss. The body produces an enzyme known as amylase which functions to break down complex sugar and starch molecules in food. When a person consumes too much carbohydrate-rich food (full of sugar and starch) that individual is most likely going to gain weight. According to, hibiscus contains a substance that can inhibit the production of amylase. A person regularly drinking hibiscus tea can thus prevent too much absorption of carbohydrates and consequently not gain excess weight.

4. Cough and Colds
According to the book “Healing Herbal Teas,” fresh hibiscus flowers contain around 6.7 mg of ascorbic acid, a form of vitamin C, which is one of the more essential nutrients needed by the body. Along with this significantly beneficial substance, hibiscus is known to have anti-inflammatory and mild anti-bacterial properties. Thus hibiscus tea is often used as a supplement to help treat coughs and colds. Because of its cooling effect, it is especially effective in reducing the discomfort of fevers that may accompany such ailments.

5. Nutrition
Besides containing a significant amount of ascorbic acid, hibiscus is made of the following nutritional substances: 1.145 g of protein, 2.61 g of fat, 12.0 g of fiber, 1,263 mg of calcium, 273.2 mg of phosphorus, 8.98 mg of iron, 0.029 mg of carotene, 0.117 mg of thiamine, 0.277 mg of riboflavin and 3.765 m of niacin. Given all this, it can be said that hibiscus tea can serve as an excellent food supplement and an aid to boost the body’s immune system.

Moringa Seeds

Here we will discuss the awesome health, skin and hair benefits of the wonderful moringa oleifera seeds.

Health Benefits
1. Like many other herbs, moringa seeds also offer great antioxidant benefits. They contain lots of vitamins A, C, B-complex and other free radical busters that save our body from severe oxidative damages. In other words, the antioxidant properties of the seeds can help us take care of our overall health.

2. Scientists have proved that the moringa seeds can reduce the amount of oxidized lipids in our body and take care of our cardiac health by safeguarding the heart tissues from constructional damages.

3. The anti-carcinogenic effects of moringa seeds are also quite well known. They can stop the growth and development of cancer cells by accelerating their death count. According to researchers, the intake of moringa seed powder for 3 consecutive weeks can successfully restrain colon cancer.

4. Moringa seeds contain plenty of zinc, which is essential for regulating the secretion of insulin hormone. As the production of insulin becomes normal, the levels of sugar also remain normal in our bloodstream. Hence, the extract of these seeds can be used as an effective anti-diabetic agent.

5. The anti-inflammatory properties of moringa seeds can curb down inflammation, reduce soreness and perk up the function of our physical joints in case of severe bone disorders like arthritis.

6. Being an excellent source of vitamin A, moringa seeds can strengthen our immune system, repair our mucus membrane and take optimal care of our eyes by keeping the vision intact.

7. Protein is one of the most essential nutrients that we need for proper functioning of our body. Moringa seeds are loaded with protein and hence, we can easily fulfil our daily requirement of amino acids by including the seeds in the powdered form in our diet.

8. Moringa seeds contain oleic acid, a monosaturated fatty acid that is highly beneficial for our health. Being a healthy source of fat, moringa seeds can easily replace the high saturated animal fats found in our food items. They work as ‘good cholesterol’ and keep our cholesterol levels down Moreover, they prevent blood clots and keep severe cardiovascular diseases at bay.

9. The vitamin C content present in the moringa seeds makes them amazing immunity boosters . From eliminating harmful free radicals to developing protection against infectious agents, they can do everything successfully.

10. Not only vitamins, but these seeds are also rich in vital minerals such as zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, and so on. Each of these plays a unique role in ensuring our complete wellness. Iron reduces the risk of anaemia; calcium keeps our teeth and bones strong, while zinc facilitates the process of sperm production (spermatogenesis).

Skin Benefits
11. Vitamin A present in the moringa seeds is extremely helpful in maintaining the integrity of our skin. Being an effective antioxidant, it saves our skin cells from the harmful effects of the free radicals and keeps them healthy. Vitamin A also promotes the collagen formation and enhances the firmness of our skin, so that we can fight against premature aging (wrinkles, sagging, etc).

12. The oil extracted from the moringa seeds can be used as natural moisturizer. It nourishes our skin and makes it healthy as well as glowing.

13. Moringa seeds are widely used to make skin care products.The oil extracted from them can help us make our face free from acne, pimples, blackheads, black spots, etc. Consequently, we get clearer and brighter skin.

Hair Benefits
14. The antioxidant properties of the moringa seeds benefit our hair too, as they can keep our internal system healthy and take care of the overall health of our tresses. The antioxidant vitamin C can improve the circulation of blood throughout our scalp, which stimulates our hair follicles and helps them absorb more nutrients. As a result, our hair becomes nourished and strong.

15. Vitamin A and zinc present in the moringa seeds are known to promote hair growth considerably. Vitamin A takes care of our scalp and hair tissues by nourishing, repairing and maintaining them in a proper way, while zinc boosts our immune system and keeps the sebaceous glands on our scalp unclogged. Thus, both of these nutrients can accelerate the growth of our hair effectively.

The health & beauty benefits of Shea butter

Shea butter has been known to help protect and repair damaged skin and hair. It has also been known for soothing irritated skin. So no matter what condition your skin is in, or what skin imbalances you may have, Shea Butter may be the answer. In addition to being a superior moisturiser, Shea butter is used to treat various skin problems such as:
Eczema, dermatitis, stretch marks, insect bites, psoriasis, acne, cracked skin, itchy skin, muscle fatigue and tension, rheumatism, arthritis, sunburns, skin allergies and rashes, scars and dark spots, skin blemishes, wrinkles and prevents nappy rash for babies.
No wonder why Shea Butter is highly esteemed in the cosmetic industry and is used worldwide. It is a natural ingredient that can help radiate and heal the skin.